Dr. Farnararo's In-Person Congress

May 19-21, 2022 (Riga, Latvia) 

This is First time In-Person event of Dr. Claudio Farnanaro in the Baltic States. 

First day 19th of May is the Congress day for the large audience on Minimally Invasive Endodontics. 

Second day 20th of May is the Hands-on day on Endodontics from A-Z for Group1.  14 Participants only.

Third day 21st of May is the Hands-on day on Endodontics from A-Z for Group 2. 14 Participants only. 

DDS Claudio Farnararo endodontist


Received his Doctor of Dental Surgery, D.D.S. degree in Florence, Italy in 2004 and Master of Medical Science in Oral Surgery in 2007.

Founder of the training center www.dental-art.education

Orginizer of hands-on workshops worldwide with Endo-Topic.

Member of the Fradeani Team founded by Mauro Fradeani which aims to share, spread and promote worldwide Italian model of excellence in dentistry, based on clinical accuracy and operative simplicity.

Lecturer at national and international congresses in Italy and worldwide.

Consultant for various manufacturing company for the improvement and development of Endodontic tools and armamentarium.

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The main event day for a large audience (200+ Participants) on the topic "Minimally Invasive Endodontics"

Following topics will be discussed:

Root canal indications - S.A.O.T Smart Access, Opening Technique, LIVE Demostration of opening, Biological and mechanical principles of shaping, Ni-Ti instruments features and how to prevent instruments separation, Canal scouting and working length, Manual and Rotary Glide Path
Shaping procedures with Ni-Ti rotary instruments, Shaping of the apical third: and apical finishing, Live demostration of scouting and shaping, Tools and materials for obturation Shilder’s technique indications, Continuous wave of condensation, obturation technique and backfilling with thermoplastic Gutta-Percha,
New Bioceramic sealers

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This will be a full-day hands-on with Dr. Claudio Farnararo limited to only 14 participants each day on the topic "Endodontics from A-Z"

Participants will be devided in 2 Groups.

Following hands-on practice:

The S.A.O.T: Smart Access Opening Technique and correction under microscope of the delegates already opened teeth. Exercise of opening teeth,
Exercise of scouting and glide path, Canal scouting and working length, Manual and Rotary Glide Path, Exercise of canal scouting glide path and
shaping procedures, Exercise of obturation.
Participants will Obturate the teeth shaped the day before
with the obturation technique described under the
guidance of the Speaker.

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VENUE FOR CONGRESS DAY - Riga Islande Hotel, 2 Kipsalas street Riga, Latvia.

The "Minimally Invasive Endodontics" by Dr. Claudio Farnararo will be held in Congress hall of Riga Islande Hotel.

This 4 star SUPERIOR hotel is located near Daugava River with a magnificent panoramic view of the Old Town. Hotel is located in a green area of the Ķīpsala island – 12 minute walk from the Old City.

Free Parking for all participants.

Breakfast and lunch will be served.

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VENUE FOR HANDS-ON - ZEAC Centre, 34 Liepajas street, Riga, Latvia

The Hands-on days of "Endodontics from A-Z" by Dr. Claudio Farnararo will be held in ZEAC - The centre for dental and Aesthetic Education.

ZEAC Centre is a professionally equipped place where specialists in various areas can organise training sessions and lectures. The practical training room equipment will enable everyone to achieve their best performance. There are 13 workplaces in the Centre having microscopes for each participant.

Each participant will be equipped with necessary equipment during practice.

Free Parking for all participants.

Breakfast and lunch will be served.

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16 CE Credits for CONGRESS+HANDS - ON

8 CE Credits for CONGRESS ONLY

8 CE Credits for HANDS-ON ONLY


We expect participants coming from all around Europe. The main language for Congress and Hands-on course is English.

Schedule of the event