i-Scan Imaging Plate Scanner

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i-Scan Imaging Plate Scanner

This product is used to scan the latent image information of IP imaging plate to form intraoral dental digital X-ray image, and to browse, process and consult the image.


Ultra-high image resolution can provide doctors with clearer diagnostic images; High-quality user interface makes photographing and reading easier; Large touch HD display; Scan and see. One-click starting scanning and imaging viewing; Flexible and compact; Unlimited terminal viewing (mobile phones, tablets, i-Scan and computers are supported) realizes digital mobile diagnosis and treatment; Ultra thin and flexible plate can be reused more than 1000 times. The imaging plate is only 0.4mm in thickness.


  • 8-core CPU;
  • 7-inch 800x1280 ultra-high resolution;
  • Powerful algorithm

Packaging: This product is mainly composed of main unit, IP imaging plate, power adapter, disposable protective bag of IP imaging plate, protection card, image management software and other components

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