Garrison Composite Instruments [TN008] [TN009]

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Instrument: TN009 5-in-1 Multi-Function Composite Instrument
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Titanium nitride Composite Instruments have been carefully designed to provide the most streamlined and versatile instrument assortment for composite restorations.

  • The titanium nitride coating is 40% harder than stainless steel and testing has proven it to be the best nonstick surface for placement, shaping and carving of composites.
  • Our special coating process withstands diverse cleaning and sterilization methods, including ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Lightweight large-diameter stainless steel handles provide improved ergonomics and precise control for delicate contouring and shaping

TN009 includes 2 blades, 2 condensers and 1 acorn

TN008 includes 2 condensers, 1 ball burnisher, 1 blade and 1 acorn

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