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Knitted retraction thread


  • For gingival retraction and hemostasis prior to cementation and/or restorative procedures
  • Aid for removing seals in preparation for long-term prosthetics
  • #00, #0 sutures are used for bleeding control in preparation of deep class III and V cavities and as a bottom suture in the "two-suture" technique
  • Used when laying laminates
  • Thinner floss is used to retract sensitive gums


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Knitted from thousands of tiny loops that form interlocking chains
  • A unique thread knitting technology is used, which makes the thread stronger and more durable
  • Rapid retraction / receding gums
  • Easy to control and place in the carriage
  • Does not get caught in a drill or instrument
  • Excellent absorption of anti-bleeding solutions and stops bleeding

NEW design

  • Presented is what a professional dentist requires
  • Easy to use

Label with a ruler

  • Easy to measure

Cover with knife

  • Time saving
  • The integrated stainless steel blade cuts the thread cleanly and protects your fingers every time
  • Fast, accurate cutting
  • No need for scissors
  • Safe to use
  • Economical offers use


IPU03 i-PAK knitted retraction yarn #000 244cm

IPU02 i-PAK knitted retraction yarn #00 244cm

IPU01 i-PAK knitted retraction yarn #0 244cm

IPU11 i-PAK knitted retraction yarn #1 244cm

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