C PATH ROTARY FILE Assorted, 4pcs/box

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C-Path File Rotary Files

With increased flexibility and more resistance to cyclic fatigue, C-PATH Rotary files offer many advantages over manual stainless steel files: 

  • Less canal transportation than with manual K-files
  • Respect to the canal anatomy
  • More flexible than K-files
  • Faster instrumentation time than with manual K-files
  • No apical foramen transportation when the working length is too long
  • No ledges when the working length is too short

The use of C-Path is recommended in all cases in Endodontic/root canal treatment.  It is necessary to make a Glide Path before the use of any rotary system

FDA-approved, CE-certified.

Assorted 4pcs/box - Open File (19MM) + 3 C-Path Files (25/31MM)
Flexibility 3 out of 5
Cutting 4 out of 5
Cleansing property 4 out of 5
Torque: 2N
Speed: 300-350RPM

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