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AF CL SYSTEM Ledge correction File, 6pcs/box


AF CL SYSTEM, #10/06+#15/06+#10/08+#20/07+#25
/08+#30/09, 25mm, Assorted,

File system for correcting ledges. The concept of CL system is to remove the ledge progressively into a straight pathway. This is done by inserting the pre-bent files manually to cross the ledge. The movement of Endomotor is reciprocative CW90-150; CCW30

Product Description

·  AF™ - H Wire Tech

·  Specialty tip-design for Bypass the Ledge

·  Triangular Cross Section

·  Suitable for Curved Canals


 Assorted 6pcs/box - #10/06+#15/06+#10/08+#20/07+#25 /08+#30/09, 25mm

Flexibility 3 out of 5
Cutting 4 out of 5
Cleansing property 4 out of 5
Torque: 2.6N
Speed: 350RPM



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