Yucera 3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block

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Yucera 3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block

Preshaded 3D Plus Multilayer Dental Zirconia Block D98 Open System
YUCERA Dental Consumables 3D Pro Multilayer Zirconia Block Disc Disks With 16 Shades For Open CADCAM System In Laboratoria Dental

Introduction of dental 3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia block:

Six-layered ZrO₂, with integrated color, translucency, and strength gradient. Based on an innovative multi-layer technology with raw materials of different yttrium oxide concentrations integrated into a six-layer color structure. Very high translucency in the incisal area and very high strength in the dentine area.

For the fabrication of crowns and bridges in the anterior and posterior region, veneers, inlays, onlays as well as long-span bridges and frameworks. Ideal for monolithic, fully anatomical restorations. For open CAD/CAM systems. With plastic adapter ring. Medical device Class II a.


Advantages of dental 3D pro multilayer zirconia block:

  • Very high translucency and very high strength combined in one blank, for complete coverage of the entire indication spectrum;
  • Choice of monolithic, cut-back or framework design;
  • High accuracy of fit of the restorations after final sintering process;
  • High speed sintering is possible.
  • Bionic: 3D pro multilayer with full contour zirconia is developed by Yucera. The full contour zirconia material is closer to natural teeth thar other materials from the view of aesthetics. Also, its abrasion makes it become a dental material with biomimetic properties

  • High Strength: The cervical strength of 3D pro multilayer zirconia block is up to 1050MPa, which is a great improvement. Long span bridges are stable, and it fully meets laboratories’ strength requirements for a broad range of indications.

  • Layerless Natural Transition: The color transition of 3D pro multilayer zirconia block with full contour zirconia is similar to natural teeth from cervical to incisal. 3D pro multilayer zirconia block has a smooth color gradient without visible layers

Indications of 3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block:

1.Suitable for most cases , especially for monolithic cases.
2.Superior high strength and super translucency.
3.Beautiful and natural color.
4.Sizes and colors: we supply 10-25mm, colors vita 16 shades and bleach


Physical Properties of dental consumables 3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block:

Sintered Density of 3D pro multilayer zirconia disc 6.0g/cm3
Flexural Strength of 3D pro multilayer zirconia disc 1050 Mpa to 700Mpa
Translucency of 3D pro multilayer zirconia disc Bottom43% to Top57%
Fracture Toughness of 3D pro multilayer zirconia disc 5Mpam1/2
Hardness(HV10) of 3D pro multilayer zirconia disc 1200
Sintering Temperature of 3D pro multilayer zirconia disc 1500°C


Available size and color of dental 3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block:

Opening system and Zirkon zahn system 95/98*10mm A1-D4, BL1/BL2/BL3
95/98*12mm A1-D4, BL1/BL2/BL3
95/98*14mm A1-D4, BL1/BL2/BL3
95/98*16mm A1-D4, BL1/BL2/BL3
95/98*18mm A1-D4, BL1/BL2/BL3
95/98*20mm A1-D4, BL1/BL2/BL3
95/98*22mm A1-D4, BL1/BL2/BL3
95/98*25mm A1-D4, BL1/BL2/BL3

Sintering step for dental 3D Pluas Multilayer Zirconia Block:

Sintering step Start Temp(℃) End Temp(℃) Time(Min) Rate(℃/Min)
Step 1 20 900 90 9.7
Step 2 900 900 30 0
Step 3 900 1500 180 3.3
Step 4 1500 120 0
Step 5 1500 800 60 -11.6
Step 6 800 natural cooling 20 120 -6.5


Specification: 98*14mm

Model: Multilayer

Packaging: 1pc/box

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