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Curing Light O-Light


Curing Light O-Light

1 Sec. for Curing

Cure 2mm resin in 1 second, with maximum light intensity above 2300mw/cm² 

Two modes for option

HIGH MODE 2300-2500 mw cm² light intensity. More suitable for orthodontics, porcelain veneer and post-core restoration. 

STANDART MODE 1000-1200 mw cm² light intensity. Is suitable for general curing. 

Strong Penetration

Without distance limitation. 


360° rotation of front connector; Easy to reach areas where used to be hard to reach. Enable flexible operation in posterior teeth area. 

Disposable Sleeve

Accompanying 50 disposable sleeve saves time of additional disinfection 

Ergonomic, feel great in hand

Size: 268.8mm x 26.1mm x 31.8mm

Net weight: 259g

Packaging: Main unit, Charge base, light hood, light head, adapter