Woodpecker Ai-Pex Apex locator with Pulp tester

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The New Woodpecker Ai-Pex Apex locator with built in pulp tester function

Large color screen: 3.8" LCD Touch Screen across a 5" Display.

Magnetic adsorption Base: 360° rotatable, the viewing angle of the screen can be adjusted, no backlighting.  electric pulp testing, multi-frequency, 98% Acuracy, and ability to connect to an Endo motor.  

Sound recognition: Enable easier measurment. when the length indicator bar reaches a digital number below 1,5, the machine intermittently emits low-frequency beeps. The closer the tip is to the apical foramen, the quicker the sound is.

Compatibe with Endo-motors: 


  • 3.8" LCD Touch Screen 
  • Adjustable sound recognition 
  • Over 5h wireless working time on full charge
  • Constant current source for pulp testing
  • Anti-inteference software for increased acuracy
  • Unique magnetic swivel stand for 360 rotation and viewing
  • Automatic calibration on startup 
  • 4 working modes
  • 6.2s to reach maximum pulse intensity 

Contents Included: 

  1. Ai-Pex Main Unit x 1
  2. Measuring Wire x 1 
  3. File Clips x 4 
  4. Hooks x 5
  5. Touch Probes x 2 
  6. Pulp Tester Probes x 2 
  7. Adapter x 1 
  8. Tester x 1
  9. Power Lead x 1 


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