UltraMint All-round Ultrasonic Scaler | Periodontic | Endodontic

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All-round Ultrasonic Scaler

Scaling | Periodontic | Endodontic


  • Comes with an autoclavable case
  • 100% compatible with EMS Type Tips
  • Detachable and autoclavable handpiece holder, Resist cross-infection
  • Less than 2 cm foot switch height, making foot control comfortable
  • LED handpiece
  • Smart touch panel hassle-free usage even with gloves, screen protection film or water.
  • Sine wave drive reducing instantaneous stimulation to allow comfortable and painless treatment
  • Intelligent negative Feedback, In accordance to different tooth surfaces, it will automatically adjust pattern to the tip, offering a stable and sustained scaling treatment that is comfortable and painless for the patient. 

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