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Titanium Bone Tac Master (3.5:21 EA, 4.5:21 EA) (TBM-01)


TBM-01 Set of pins (42 pcs) for fixation of membranes and titanium meshes.

Includes pins for fixing membranes, tools for their installation.

The set:
- case with 21 pins, 3.5 mm long
- case with 21 pins, 4.5 mm long
- pin holder
- mallet

The pin shaft is reinforced (has conical shape) with a smooth transition into the cap - slanted tip prevents cap separation. A ridge in the area of ​​the hole holds the pin firmly in the bone tissue. Patient safety is ensured by rigid fixation of the pin in the holder - the pin does not fall into the patient's mouth.

Operating procedure:
  1. The BT-HD pin holder must always be stored with the protective cap on (except for direct use, cleaning, soaking, rinsing, drying). Autoclavable with a protective cap on.
  2. Remove the pin from the cassette with the holder perpendicular to the pin head by pressing all the way into the cassette wall (the cassette has recesses for tightly fixing the pin on the holder).
  3. Insert the pin into the bone at a right angle to its surface with one blow of the mallet on the holder (the force of the blow depends on the density of the bone). If you have to enter obliquely, the blow must be calibrated, without excessive force, so as not to break the pin.
  4. In a trabecular (D2-D4), separate the holder from the pin using a thin scalpel or probe inserted into the gap between the collet petals to secure the pin in the bone (rigid fixation of the pin in the holder is not a defect, but a safety feature).
  5. In a fine trabecular bone (D4), use the pins with caution (please refer to above point #4). In these cases, an alternative is possible - wide head screws (14-AT-003G, 14-AT-004G or 14-AT-005G)

    Link to instructions for use of the pin holder. Watch here .

    Attention: the pin holder must be stored and sterilized only in the protective cap !!!

    Recommendations for the care of MCT instruments