Strata-G Matrix Bands

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Size: Strata-G Matrix Band Kit: 200 Count 40x of each band (SGB02)
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Anatomy top to bottom
Five sizes of super-thin stainless steel in both dead-soft and firm ensure you have the best matrix band to restore every case.

Optimized marginal ridge Strata-G™
Bands provide shape and guidance for developing the marginal ridge of Class II restorations without blocking your access.


ProfileBooster™ subgingival apron Achieving a natural emergence profile in challenging cervical areas is easy with Strata-G™ Bands—it’s built right in!


• Non-stick and color coded • Easy placement tabs • Dead-soft and only 0.0016” thin • NEW pedodontic size


Firm Bands for challenging cases A critical addition in the Strata-G™ kit, Firm Bands are specially tempered stainless steel and only 0.0015” thin. Their stiffer nature makes them ideal for unbroken contacts and extra deep or extra wide preparations


SGB02 STRATA-G™ assorted bands kit in 5 sizes qty 200 FXHB05 Assorted firm band minikit in 5 sizes qty 150



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