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Sinus Master Set (SMK-01)



A universal set of all necessary instruments for closed and open sinus lift.

The set includes:

The set includes original diamond cutters with improved properties: The
grooves on the cutting surface of the cutter protect the mucosa, creating a layer of fluid between the cutter and the sinus membrane, improve bone cooling,
evacuate bone chips, and improve the cutting properties of the tool.
The flat, conical shape of the cutters for open sinus lifting can significantly reduce the formation time of the lateral window and easily achieve the desired shape and size.
Sinus lift curettes: for exfoliation of the sinus membrane, arrangement of bioplastic material.

Cutters for closed sinus lift: 

SMK-01-01  - Ø 2.8 mm
SMK-01-02  - Ø 3.3 mm
SMK-01-03  - Ø 3.8 mm
SMK-01-04  - Ø 4.2 mm

Open sinus lift cutters:

SMK-01-05 - Ø 6.5-2 mm
SMK-01-06 - Ø 6.5-3 mm

Trepans for open sinus lift  : 

WMD-01 - Ø 6.5-1 mm
WMD-01 - Ø 6.5-2 mm

Initial cutters with stops for the initial formation of a window to a sine:

CD-2.0  - diameter 2.0 mm
CD-2.5  - diameter 2.5 mm
CD-3.0  - diameter 3.0 mm
CD-3.8  - diameter 3.8 mm
CD-4.3  - diameter 4.3 mm
CD-4.8  - diameter 4.8 mm

Depth stops:

MAS-02-01  - 1 mm
MAS-02-02  - 2 mm
MAS-02-03  - 3 mm
MAS-02-04  - 4 mm
MAS-02-05  - 5 mm
MAS-02-06  - 6 mm
MAS- 02-07  - 7 mm
MAS-02-08  - 8 mm

Sinus lift curettes: 

YSL-01 ,  YSL-02 . YSL-03 ,  YSL-04 .

BNC-03 - double sided syringe

SPL-05  - Bone packer for working with bioplastic material with the ability to use depth stops.


We strongly recommend taking a training course on working with these tools. Improper use of tools can lead to their breakage!

Recommended parameters for work:

- 800-1200 rpm
- 30-45 N / cm
- irrigation

Closed sinus lift:

We measure the thickness of the sinus bottom 2. We begin to drill the bone with a crestal cutter with a limiter to a bottom thickness of 1 mm
3. Drill the remaining 1 mm of the bone with a diamond cutter with a limiter until the feeling of "falling" into the sine.

Open sinus lift:

1. We begin to drill the bone with a trepanning cutter with a limiter to a bottom thickness of 1 mm
2. We drill the remaining 1 mm of the bone with diamond cutters for open sinus lifting Ø 6.5 mm
3. The obtained bone fragment can be used to close the bone window.
4. We peel the bottom of the sinus with curettes
5. We fill the sinus cavity with biomaterial. Close the window with the previously drilled bone fragment


Clinical cases:

Closed sinus lift with diamond cutters

Recommendations for the care of MCT instruments