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Size: 20/07 + 25/08 + 30/09
Length: Yellow 22MM; Red 18MM; Blue 16MM
Style: Simple box
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Retreatment Rotary Files

Post-treatment endodontic disease might occur due to the persistence of bacteria in the root canal system as a consequence of insufficient cleaning, untreated canals, inadequate filling or coronal/apical leakage. Non-surgical root canal retreatment is the first choice to re-establish healthy periapical tissues.

The procedure requires complete removal of the filling material from the canal system to allow effective cleaning, shaping and re-filling

Retreatment Rotary files are designed to be used in sequence to remove filling materials, such as gutta-percha, carrier-based obturators and paste fillers. The three, easily identified files are designed for the different needs of unfilling before canal reshaping

Assorted 3pcs/box - Open file (22MM) + 2 retreatment files
Flexibility 2 out of 5
Cutting 4 out of 5
Cleansing property 4 out of 5
Torque: 2N
Speed: 300-350RPM

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