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Implant Basic Set (IBS-SET)



Includes all the necessary instruments for any surgical procedure.

The set includes:

Tool name    Quantity, pcs     Note  
CST-07 Cassette # 7
one 26.5x20 cm
PEE-02 Raspatory P24G one handle Ø10 mm, 4.0 / 5.0 mm
PEE-04 Raspatory Prichard one handle Ø10 mm, 4.5 / 10.5 mm
PEE-03 Raspatory Molt9 one handle Ø10 mm, 5.0 / 8.0 mm
PEE-05 Raspatory Seldin one 12.5 / 13.5 mm
OBC-C03 Ochsenbein universal chisel one top and bottom sharpening
BOC-06 Curettage spoon LUCAS 85 one handle Ø10 mm, 2.5 / 2.5 mm
BOC-04 Curettage spoon LUCAS 87 one handle Ø10 mm, 3.5 / 3.5 mm
SUT-02 Titanium saliva ejector one Ø3.0 mm
TOC-01 Gracie Universal Curette one handle Ø10 mm
Mirror with removable handle
one standard
MEH-01 Round, straight scalpel handle one standard
MEH-03 Graduated scalpel handle
one standard
PIN-02 Tweezers wide one 15 cm

TIF-01 Double gingival surgical forceps

one 15 cm
TIF-02 Surgical forceps Adson
one 12 cm
MAL-01 Hammer
one Ø20 mm, length 16.5 cm, weight 160 g
STC-01 T / Coated Iris Scissors
one 12 cm, tungsten carbide
TWC-02 "Tongue" 12 cm with saliva ejector holder
one standard
SCI-05 La Grange Scissors
one 11 cm
BOR-03 Mini Bone Cutter
one standard
NTC-03 Needle Holder 16 cm T / Coated
one 16 cm, tungsten carbide
GAU-08 Castroviejo compass curved small
one 8.5 cm, w cal 2 cm, pitch 0.5 mm
BOW-03 Small bone container with lid
one 30x30 mm
HMS-02 Clamp "Mosquito" 12 cm curved
one standard

RTR-MS Retractor Minesota

one standard

Recommendations for the care of MCT instruments

Professional dental instruments are made of the world's best Posco stainless steel. The highest precision tool processing allows all Mr. Curette products to be classified as "premium".