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GBR-KIT -without BCM (48EA) (GBR-KIT3)



GBR-KIT3 Set with screws and pins for NKR: fixation of membranes and titanium meshes


Vertical and horizontal increase in bone volume in the form of guided bone regeneration using titanium screws and pins to fix membranes and titanium meshes in various clinical situations.

The set includes:


AU-12-003 10 pcs
AU-12-004 10 pcs
AU-14-004 10 pcs


 BT-2.75 - 9 pcs
BT-4.5 - 9 pcs

Screw installation tools:

PDriver 1  - machine screwdriver, for 21 mm
PDriver 3  - manual screwdriver, for 60 mm
S-Driver HD  - manual screwdriver handle;
PLD-1.0  - pilot cutter, diameter 1.0 mm;
case for storing and sterilizing screws.

Pin installation tools

BT-HD  - pin holder

Clinical cases:

NKR using titanium mesh 1

NKR using titanium mesh 2

NKR using titanium mesh 3

NCR using titanium mesh and resorbable membrane

NKR using titanium mesh 4

NCR using a resorbable membrane 1

NKR using a resorbable membrane 2


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