Fi-E and Fi-P Gutta-percha Obturation System COMBO

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Fi-E and Fi-P Gutta-percha Obturation System COMBO

Fi-E Gutta-percha Obturation System:

Used for heat up and soften gutta-percha, and fill the gutta-percha into the root canal after preparation


Perfect gutta-percha fluidity, uniform and smooth gutta-percha output without bubbles; Easier than traditional manual gutta-percha injection to relieve hand fatigue for the operator;
Eliminate surgical hazards caused by gutta-percha leakage and overflow;
Maintenance-free thanks to automatic cleaning of remaining gutta-percha;
360° ROTATBLE The gutta-percha bar is directly loaded into the injection needle;
There is no gutta-percha residue inside the machine, making it easier to clean;
The gutta-percha bar can be replaced at any time without waiting for the internal cooling of machine;
Symmetrically-designed dual injection buttons, sensitive and convenient;
An indication window is set on the front of the machine to display the remaining gutta-percha intuitively and accurately;
Charging base enable battery temperature monitoring, guaranteeing more secure charging;
5 preset temperatures: 100°C→120°C→150°C→180°C→200°C;
3 injection speeds: Slow, Medium, Fast; Auto heating stop after timeout; Auto shutdown after timeout.


  • Classification: Class II (AC/DC power adapter);
  • Diameter: 26mm*26mm;
  • Length: 200mm;
  • Weight: 148g;
  • 2x2000mAh batteries, allowing quick replacement in 1sec.
  • Dual batteries deliver longer endurance, enabling filling about 100 root canals;
  • Charging time: About 2.5h (3h for the first charge)

Packaging: Hot Melting and Filling Instrument; Charging base; Power adapter with cord; Gutta Percha Injecting Needles (below all needles); Thermal Protector Cap; Gutta Percha Injecting Needle Protector; Wrench

Disposable injection needles:

E20G-S 20Ga 22mm Reusable
E20G-M 20Ga 24mm Reusable
E20G-L 20Ga 28mm Reusable
E23G-M 23Ga 24mm Reusable
E23G-L 23Ga 28mm Reusable
E25G-M 25Ga 24mm Reusable
E25G-L 25Ga 28mm Reusable
E20G-NR 20Ga 28mm Single use
E23G-NR 23Ga 28mm Single use
E25G-NR 25Ga 28mm Single use

Fi-P Gutta-percha Obturation System:

It is used to provide heat to the working tip, cut the gutta-percha point, and soften and pressurize the gutta-percha


  • Adopts wireless, horizontal type, temperature adjusting and left or right hand operation design;
  • 0.2 second Heating time;
  • 0.35mm pre-bend tip. Thinner tips can penetrate deep into the narrow root canal;
  • 4 working temperature - 150°C->180°C->200°C->230°C. Can match different gutta-percha brand on the market;
  • High precision temperature control;
  • 9 models of tip with different sizes are for option


  • Classification: Class II (AC/DC power adapter)
  • Time consumption for charging: About 2,5h (3 hours are needle for the first charging)
  • Power supply: Input: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 0,8A. Output: DC15V/1,6A
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Size: 23,8mmx158,3mmx23,8mm
  • Charging base: 75,5mmx149,7mmx62,6mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Charging base: 195g

Packaging: Main Unit 1; Charging stand 1; Power adapter 1; TIPS: WP4004, WP4504, WP5506, WP5508; Heat insulation sleeve.

Color: White

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