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Obturation system COMBO

FAST PACK PRO Down pack for 3D Obturation System

Temperature Settings: 90‚°C to 250°C
Time Settings: Auto cut-off time 3 to 10 seconds
Memory Programs: 5 Programs from T1 to T5

Internally Heated Tip
 Only the working end of the tip is heated- avoids need for insulated sleeve
Non-working end is insulated from within and stays cool- making it comfortable for patients and also saves battery
Safety cap where the tip non-working end is plugged into the device-safer for you

Heating Time
0.2 Seconds to 200°C
0.5 Seconds to 250°C
Quick heating prevents damage to PDL

Cooling Time
2 seconds
Swift cooling prevents GP coming along with a heating tip

Replaceable Li-ion battery
2 hours to complete charge
15 minutes turbo-charge to 30%
4 hours of continuous operation at 250 degree Celsius
50 cases with a single charge
Directly plug-in to an electrical supply to operate with zero battery

Ergonomics: 360 degree start/stop ring, allows operation from any angle comfortable

1 Fast Pack Device, 3 Tips, Charger, Base, User Manual

FAST FILL‚ Back Fill for 3D Obturation System

Key Specifications
Motorized hand-piece allows for a consistent flow and homogenous 3D filling
 Pencil-grip hand-piece enhances control
Precise temperature control for consistency
Extra-long needles offer convenience and unprecedented visibility
Heats quickly
Hand-piece shows remaining GP

Battery Status
Displays remaining GP
Displays real-time temperature

GP Push Speed Options Low, Medium, High


Available in size S (small) - 25Ga, and size L (large) 23Ga
Colour coded (25 gauge - Black, 23 gauge - Clear)
The tip can be rotated 360 degree
The tips allow for a consistent flow and homogenous 3D filling
Extra-long needles offer convenience and unprecedented visibility

GP Pellets
Diameter: 2.5mm- 2.8mm
Length 14mm-16mm
No. of canals with 1 pellet: 3-4 canals

Battery: Replaceable Li-ion battery 2600 mAh

1 Fast Fill Device, 2 Tips (23Ga and 25Ga),  Sample GP Pellets,  Wrench, Charger, Base, User Manual

For more information please download the brochure

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