Essential Endo KIT

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Essential Endo KIT

Designed for every day endodontic treatment

Essential Endo Kit can be used for simple, such as straight root canal and complicated, such as curved, split, calcified root canals treatments. 

KIT content: 

  • Stainless Steel K Files 3 capsule boxes #06, #08 and #10 25MM 
  • C-Path Rotary file Autoclavable 1 box
  • V Taper gold Autoclavable 1 box 
  • AF Rotary File Autoclavable 1 box
  • Stainless Steel Pluggers with length markings 1 SET (sizes: NITI #35/03 SS: #70/02; 40/03 SS: #80/02; #50/03 SS: #100/02; #60/03 SS: #120/02 19MM)

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