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Endo Smart +


Endo Smart +

High performance brushless motor

Adjustable reciprocating angle (10° interval; adjustment range: 20°-340°); 

Accurate rotating angle reduces risk of instrument fracture and enables higher preparing efficiency.

Super mini Contra-angle

Super mini head with a diameter of 8mm and a height of 9.7mm brings clear vision during operation. 

360° rotatable contra-angle; 

6:1 Contra angle

Built in Apex Locator

Integrated length determination makes endodontic treatment safer and more efficient. Realize real-time display of file location in canal. Automatically stops or reversely rotates as soon as the file reaches the apical stop, so as to prevent perforation. Auto Start and Auto Stop functions respectively enable motor to automatically start while the file gets in canal and stop when it is out.


Speed :100-1200RPM    
Torque :