E-CONNECT Pro Cordless Endo Motor



Cordless Endo Motor Combined With Apex Locator

Five Reciprocation Modes(M0)

Reverse Reciprocation-One Mode

Counter clockwise & clockwise movement

Fwd 30°-Rev 150°

For reciprocating files


Forward Reciprocation-Four Modes

Clockwise& counter clockwise movement

Fwd 150°-Rev 30° | Fwd 180°-Rev 30°

Fwd 210°-Rev 30° | Fwd 250°-Rev 30°

For all continuous rotation files

Maximum Speed range 1000rpm
360° Clockwise Rotational Movement
Editable Torque Setting
Editable SPEED/RPM Setting
Forward and Reverse Direction of Rotation 


340° Adjustable Handpiece
Miniature and Detachable Head
134° Autoclavable

Applicable with E-PEX pro Apex Locator 

User Manual


Not selling to UK 

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