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Woodpecker powder SUB+Supragingival SUPER


14μm erythritol subgingival powder

Easy removal of biofilm and pigment attached to the surface of enamel, dentin, soft tissue, restoration, orthodontic appliance or implant. The 14μm erythritol subgingival powder with chlorhexidine contained, making it a unique powder with antibacterial effect.


  • 120 g/bottle
  • 0.3% chlorhexidine contained allowing effective prevention and treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis


65μm erythritol supragingival powder

Used for removal of biofilm, pigment and soft dirt on the adult supragingival, providing
more comfortable treatment coupled with efficient scaling.


  • 200 g/bottle
  • Efficient scaling refreshing and slightly sweet 
  • “0”glycemic index not involved in blood sugar metabolism and blood sugar changes, can also be used by diabetic patients
  • “0”calories

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