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NiTi-Rotary File Systems

The cleaning and shaping of root canals is a key step in the root canal treatment procedure, which aims at the removal of all the tissue debris from the root canal space while removing the inner layers of root canal dentin. With Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) F One Blue Rotary instruments this goal is easier to achieve, even in curved root canals. 

The AF F One Blue Rotary file is a newly introduced NiTi instrument in the market that is designed to be used in continuous rotation motion with an inactive tip and a flat surface design with 0.04 and 0.06 taper. The manufacturer claims that this instrument allows quick and safe preparation, especially in curved root canals due to high flexibility, manufactured with a CM wire associated with a titanium oxide surface treatment, which allows better flexibility, hardness and resistance to fracture.

F One Blue Rotary being super elastic allows preparation of curved canals with minimal transportation.

FDA-approved, CE-certified.

Assorted 4pcs/box - Open file #17 + #20+#25+#35
Flexibility 5 out of 5
Cutting 5 out of 5
Cleansing property 5 out of 5
Torque: 2.6N
Speed: 500RPM

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