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IOS 3D Intraoral Scanner Exact Vision
NNT Connectivity
3D scanner that integrates seamlessly with the technology of dental surgeries.
Goal: to improve the patient experience and optimise workflows.
NewTom IOS is a latest-generation 3D intraoral scanner, extremely lightweight and accurate, suitable for integration with all the other NewTom instruments and compatible with the main systems currently in use. The resulting digital impression is extremely accurate and immediately available for the subsequent treatment phases. Digital scanning avoids manual impression taking with the resulting patient discomfort, since it requires no invasive actions.
Features and Specs
Application fields
One instrument for many applications.
The 3D impression made with NewTom IOS can be used in many treatment applications within a dental surgery, ensuring the greatest accuracy even in the most difficult conditions. The main beneficiary is the patient who won't have to endure the discomfort of manual impression taking and whose waiting time will be halved. Each impression is immediately available for use in formats suitable for sharing with the dental technicians, who can then give their feedback in real time, while the patient is still in the chair.
Dimensions Scanner Size: L 256 mm, W 43 mm, H 43 mm
Dimensions Base Size: L 306 mm, W 98 mm, H 72 mm
Acquisition Method: Active Stereo Imaging
Real Color Scanning 24-bit (8-bits per channel)
Power Cord 1.8 meters (Base to Handpiece)
1x USB 3.0 Connection
Tooth Preparation: Powder Free - No powder or spray required
Scanning Principle Continuously scans and accumulates (stitching) depth and color data
Distance Scanner - Tooth 0-12 mm
Capture Time < 3 minutes per arch

Output File Format STL, PLY or OBJ
Compatibility with CAD/CAM Systems Open architecture • Compatible with most dental CAD systems
Case management, scanning, validation and lab sharing application
Allows transfer of dental restoration case from dental office to dental lab and manufacturing
Indications: The scanner software is set up to aid in the creation of restorations such as anatomic crown, copings, inlays, onlays, provisional, anatomic pontic, reduced pontic, provisional pontic, veneers, diagnostic wax-ups, bite splints and implants. Software Interface: Touchscreen functionality

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