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Reels for sterilization of various sizes - Dentsupply SIA
Larident Ruļļi sterilizācijai
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Ice spray (-50°C), 200ml container, orange flavor, non-toxic and cfc-free - Dentsupply SIA
Larident Ledus aerosols (R22)
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Disposable Luer lock needle (C82) - Dentsupply SIA
Disposable syringe 5 cc without needle (C81) - Dentsupply SIA
Disposable short saliva ejectors (C56). Pack of 100pcs - Dentsupply SIA
Larident Siekalu atsūcēji (C56)
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Towels 3 plies, 2 paper plies / 1 PE ply/50pcs per package - Dentsupply SIA
Larident Pacienta salvetes (C42)
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Tnt frost bag, anti drip (C57) - Dentsupply SIA
Larident Sausais ledus (neplūstošs) (C57)
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