Garrison Fusion Anterior Wedges Refill, (quantity of 50)

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Size: ANGR-M Fusion Anterior Wedges Green / large: 50 Count
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Garrison Fusion Anterior Wedges Refill


The all-new Fusion Anterior Matrix System from Garrison gives you the materials and techniques to restore many types of anterior lesions with confidence. 

The Fusion Anterior Matrix contains a myriad of refinements to help you recreate ideal interproximal anatomy quickly and confidently.

  • Only 15 thick significantly thinner than strips to facilitate better interproximal contact. 
  • Firm stainless steel resists deformation both during placement and while compressing composite into the preparation.
  • Easy to slide into the sulcus for deeper restorations. 
  • Ideal anatomic curvature in the gingival-incisal direction AND facial-lingual.
  • Far superior to strips when restoring large or deep carious lesions.

    Packaging: 50 wedges per package

    Informational Files

    Fusion Anterior Matrix System IFU (Multi-Language)

    Fusion Anterior Matrix Brochure

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