Ultrasonic Endo Activate device Endo 3

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Endo 3

Multi-mode settings

LCD screen + Ring switch button
Smart Microcomputer control


Dual-mode setting

Mode 1: Hot standby mode
in this mode power and time can be adjusted.

Mode 2: Irrigation mode
It  is working mode.


Three power levels

Three power levels available E1, E2, E3
Power from low to high in order


Four time modes

Four time modes optional:
'10, 15, 20, --'
The working time in the irrigation mode:
'10s, 15s, 20s, 10min'


Highly convenient design
More efficient irrigation

Smart microcomputer control

Microcomputer automatic control is adopted.
The high-frequency oscillation signal is generated
by the high-frequency oscillation circuit and acts on the handpiece head , making the tip resonate by 
the ultrasonic vibration stimulation.


Wireless control, handy to operate

Wireless operation and charging
Compact and light, easy for irrigation


Clear LCD screen
Easier obturation

Visually display the machine working state


User friendly
ring switch button

Ring switch button to control the machine facilitate 
the treatment of different angles and different tooth positions


Stable performance 

Appropriate vibration amplitude

Tips with low vibration high efficiency
more efficient and reliable irrigation


Stable performance
Intelligent tracking

Fully automatic frequency tracking system
Automatically search for best working state 

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