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E-PEX PRO Apex Locator

Smart, Accurate and Reliable Apex Locator


  • Advanced Multi-frequency Technology;
  • High Precision in Wet & Dry Canals;
  • Large 3.5 LCD Display;
  • Automatic Calibration;
  • Compact Size & Stable Design;
  • Powerful 1500mAh Lithium-ion Battery.

Functions activated when integrated with E Connect Pro (endo motor):

  • Auto Start and Stop - Motor starts moving when the file enters inside the root canal, and stops when withdrawn;
  • Apical Reverse-When the file reaches pre-set apical turn around point, user can classify whether the file starts moving in reversed course;
  • Apical Slow Down- To preserve the cemento dental junction and avoid file-separation, speed of motor slows down when the file is in close proximity to apical region; 
  • Apical Torque Reduction- In addition to apical slow down, torque decrease at apical third prevents probability of file separation;
  • Display designed for both left and right handed doctors;
  • Screen mirroring - In connect function Endomotor mirrors Apex Locator's screen

For more information download User Manual. 

Warranty valid 5 months

User Manual

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