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Bone Tac-Titanium Pins 4.5 mm



BT-4.5 Titanium pins, length 4.5 mm, head width 2.5 mm, 5 pcs / pack.

Purpose:  fixation of membranes, titanium meshes.

The pin shaft is reinforced (conical) with a smooth transition into the cap - pin head damage when the pin is slanted is practically excluded.
The ledge in the area of ​​the tip firmly holds the pin in the bone tissue.
Patient safety is ensured by rigid fixation of the pin in the holder - the pin does not fall into the patient's mouth.
Titanium Grade 4.

Leg diameter about 0.52 mm
Leg length about 3.85 mm
Head thickness 0.65 mm
Head diameter about 2.5 mm

Attention! For the convenience of working with pins, be sure to use a case! It is very difficult to fixate the pins in the pin holder manually!

Required tools for working with pins:

BT-HD Pin holder (pins BT-2.75, BT-4.5)

BT-Case Round case for storing and sterilizing pins BT-2.75, BT-4.5 (empty)

MAL-01 Hammer 16.5 * 20mm

PRS-02-12 Reverse acting pin holder (tongue) for pins BT-2.75, BT-4.5

BCT-02-06 (AB-HD) Pistol for pins (automatic pin holder) + AB-Case empty charger case (for pins BT-2.75 and BT-4.5)

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