F ONE ROTARY FILE SINGLE SYSTEM Assorted, 4pcs/box, Wing Box



Endo Stop: Mark the place of canal length and Identify the direction of file bending

Top Precision Auto Manufacturing: Advanced control memory alloy tech, AF™-R wire; Improved resistant; 600% higher resistance to cyclic fatigue than normal Ni-Tiwire; More efficient cutting cross section design; Reserve more dentine

Inactive Tip: Advanced tip process to avoid forming steps; Suitable for curved canals

  •  AF™-R Wire                          
  • Suitable for curved canals
  • Magic Flat Design
  • Better Efficient Cutting
  • Higher Resistance to Cyclic Fatigue

Assorted 4pcs/box - Open file (19mm) + 3pcs F1 files (25/31MM)
Flexibility 3 out of 5
Cutting 5 out of 5
Cleansing property 5 out of 5
Torque: 2.6N
Speed: 500RPM

Instructions for use

AF F One Brochure-1

AF F One Brochure-2